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Q: What is an Eidetic Image?

A: Eidetic Images are the detailed visual, physical, and emotional snapshots that form spontaneously in response to significant life experiences. They differ from memories, dreams, daydreams, and consciously constructed visualizations. They are concrete imprints of our mind’s response to real events. Eidetic imagery as a tool can provide instant insight into our minds and the people around us, break fixed perspectives on how we see and respond to others; tap into unrealized talents, strengths, and power that have been dormant; move us from negative emotions to positive ones.

Q: Is this guided imagery?

A: No. Guided imagery directs the person to see an image as to particular details as well as guiding the outcome of feelings and meanings. Eidetic imagery differs in that, even though instructions are given, the person reports the image he sees and how he feels (bodily responses and emotions), and then the meaning. The direction given is to keep the person in the image first and foremost so thinking does not corrupt what is being seen and felt.

Q: What are the benefits of doing “eidetics”?

A: The general answer to what are the benefits is in the answer above to “What is an Eidetic Image?” For a more specific response, see “Case Histories” for a few examples.

Q: How do I see an image?

A: Just relax and let the image present itself in an easy fashion:

1. Do you remember one of the following images?

a) the lunchtime table

b) a pleasant vacation

c) a loved one’s face

d) the contents of your closet

e) a room in your house that you like and the objects there

f) a school you attended

g) an object that you have and you like

2. See this as an image in your mind.

3. Describe what you see and how you feel. Point out details that catch your eye in the image. This is an eidetic image because you are seeing it in your mind’s eye as if you are presently seeing it and you are noticing how you feel as you are seeing it.

Q: What does an eidetic imagery session look like?

A: The first session is usually an exploratory one where the practitioner finds out what the client is wanting to accomplish and taking important background information such as history and symptoms. For the client, the first sessions will be to become familiar with the process of seeing an eidetic image in the mind’s eye, about describing the image in the present tense, and while seeing the image, describing the feelings present. After each session, the client is to go back into the image given as “homework” numerous times each day before the next session. An eidetic session is generally 50 minutes to an hour long and best done in person but may also be done by telephone.