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Seeing this website as a launching pad to furthering knowledge and experience of eidetic imagery and Ahsen’s Eidetic Image Psychology, the following  “Resources” are provided:

  • Books – These are books principally written by Dr. Ahsen but also a few others regarding eidetics.
  • Links – Links to websites of others in the “Eidetic Community” have been provided.
  • FAQ – In a “Q&A” style of the questions frequently heard regarding “eidetics” in a brief fashion and then, if warranted, with direction as where to find more information. The FAQ page will be updated periodically to answer questions that appear to be reoccurring and that have not been directly addressed within any particular page on this website.
  • Case Histories –  On this page a few examples of cases are given where eidetics were used to alleviate a difficulty or change someone’s experience to a positive outcome.
  • Testimonials –  This page highlights reviews of Dr. Ahsen’s work.
  • Presentations – A list of some of the presentations given by Dr. Ahsen throughout the years is provided to shed more light on the diversity of his work in hopes of opening up consciousness even more to the uses of eidetic imagery.

It is also hoped that in the future to add another category titled as “Articles From the Eidetic Community” in which articles are submitted by others of the eidetic community for sharing information as to their eidetic imagery projects, whether those projects are in research or in servicing the community at large.